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What book to read in Ukrainian? Ukrainian B1 Reader with Verbs of Motion!

Updated: Dec 28, 2022

Friends, I know that sometimes it is difficult to find books that match your level and that will help you to improve your Ukrainian. That is why I wrote a book that is specially designed for Ukrainian language learners at level B1, who want to master the grammar topic Verbs of Motion while enjoying reading an interesting story.

Ukrainian  language eBook

"Непосида Йде Шукати Матусю" by Veronika Minchenko (yes, Veronika is full from Nika 😉).

This is an adventurous fairytale about a little squirrel named Непосида (Fidget - the one who doesn't like to stay (sit) in one place), whose mom was taken from the forest by a cruel hunter. But our main character has his name for a reason! He will do everything to bring his mom back home: he will run, climb, and even swim and fly to reach his goal! And we will have a great chance to repeat the Verbs of Motion in context observing his adventures!

But reading for language learning is different from reading just for pleasure. And I tried to make this book as useful as possible for practicing the Ukrainian language, so it includes:

  • Audiobook recorded by a professional voice actress to practice your listening skills. You may also practice the shadowing technique (listening and reading the text out loud simultaneously), which will also help you to improve your pronunciation.

  • A list of the Ukrainian verbs of motion without prefixes (unidirectional and multidirectional) with translations and a list of the Ukrainian verbs of motion with prefixes (with prefixes meanings and examples).

  • Vocabulary lists before each chapter with translation into English. You can create your own sentences with the new words and phrases before reading the chapter, then this vocabulary won't seem new during the reading.

  • Highlighted in bold verbs of motion in the text, so you could pay attention to them and analyze how they are used in the context.

  • Tasks after each chapter to repeat grammar and vocabulary and to discuss the content of the chapter.

  • Keys to the tasks (except for the content questions) at the end of the book to check yourself.

  • My own colorful illustrations to help you to dive into the fairytale atmosphere (please remember that I am not an artist at all, but I still hope that the pictures will help you to enjoy the story). You may use the pictures to describe them and to predict what may happen in the chapter that you are going to read.

So if you struggle with Ukrainian verbs of motion, if you want to practice your listening and reading skills, or if you want to read an interesting story in Ukrainian, this book is for you! :)

Right now the book is available on my website (ebook in PDF + audiobook in WAV), there you can see the preview of pages, including the first chapter:

Soon the paperback should be available on Amazon,

I will announce it in the Blog when it happens. ;)

In this video, I show a few pages of the book:

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This ebook is very good to learn the verbs of motion and their respective directional prefixes in perfect and imperfect tense. You can learn reading, learn the vocabulary and listen to the audiobooks to learn the pronunciation. It is beautifully illustrated and very well spoken. There are also exercises and solutions, which help you to apply the verbs in context and help you understand the text. I can definitely recommend this ebook because it’s also very nice to read! Regards,

Alfons Schoenmakers

Replying to

Щиро дякую за Ваш відгук, Альфонсе! 🙏❤️

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