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Books for Ukrainian language learners

Updated: Jan 16, 2023

Level B1

Books for Ukrainian language students

Are you looking for Ukrainian texts for reading? You have found them!

Let me present you Ukrainian Readers for Intermediate level (B1):

Непосида Йде Шукати Матусю (Fidget goes to look for his mom)

This is a story for reading with verbs of motion. This grammar topic is always challenging, and it is very useful to practice these verbs in context. The fairytale tells about a little squirrel Непосида (Fidget), whose mom Ласунка (Sweet Teeth) was stolen from the forest by a cruel hunter. So Непосида is going to do anything to save her. On his way he moves a lot, that is when we can observe these tricky verbs of motion with and without prefixes in context.

The ebook is accompanied by Audiobook (recorded by a professional voice actress), has the author's illustrations (don't judge me harshly, I am not an artist), vocabulary lists, tasks after each chapter, and keys to them.

More details here:

Непосида й Кутя (Fidget and Kutia)

This is the second story about the little squirrel Непосида and his mom Ласунка.

This story is shorter and is based on the vocabulary topic "Christmas and Winter vocabulary". This time Непосида decides to surprise his mom for the Old New Year and to bring her some Kutia - a Ukrainian traditional sweet Christmas dish. In the story, you will meet many interesting winter phrases and will learn a bit about the Ukrainian traditions of "щедрування".

The ebook is also accompanied by Audiobook (recorded by an author), some illustrations, vocabulary lists, and tasks.

More details here:

The first book "Fidget goes to look for his mom" you can also purchase in paperback on Amazon. The Audiobook will be available by the QR code inside.

Veronika Minchenko Ukrainian teacher

Author - Veronika Minchenko

Ukrainian language teacher,

Head of the language school VERBA,

Master's Degree in linguistics,

Teaching experience 9+ years.

Having any questions? Feel free to contact me!

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