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Ukrainian stable "Водограй" needs YOUR HELP

Guys, this month I have become an ambassador of the Ukrainian charity organization "Волонтерська спілка "ПОРУЧ". This organization helps people from de-occupied territories, internally displaced people, and animals. I have been following their activity for a year now, and they do amazing things! It is exactly thanks to such people Ukraine keeps fighting and winning in this cruel war. And I am honored to be a part of it.

We decided to organize one new fundraising every month for different goals. And this month we raise money for a small stable “Водограй” in Kyiv that really needs our help. You probably know that animals are my biggest love and I really want to help these poor things. "Водограй" was not open to entertain people, on the contrary, owners helped to save those horses that were traumatized after races and sold for meat. There are 13 adorable horses that have got a chance to live a normal life. Now they are all taken care of, and owners invite people to teach them how to take care of these animals, how to ride, and even provide hippotherapy.

But now the stable is in a very difficult position. When the war started, a family, that takes care of them moved to live right in the stable in order to free the horses in case the building will be hit or there will be fire, so the animals could get the chance to survive in the worst case scenario. They spend the most difficult time there but they did everything they could to take care of the horses. Of course, because of the war, they lost any income, which they used to hold the animals because people didn’t come to visit them. But the hippodrome, where they rent stable premises still brought them a huge bill for the rent and facilities. And the amount is huge - 500 000 hryvnias.

Without the debt repayment, they don’t have access to water and electricity supply, which means they cannot even prepare good quality food for the horses, and even access to one of the training fields, where the horses have the chance to run (which is their natural need) and where the stable can accept visitors to earn at least something. So it is a vicious circle.

The time is passing and the horses really need our help. So I am offering you to take part in the fundraising. And I don't ask you to donate huge amounts, even if you donate a price of 1-2 coffees, it also will change the situation! I am absolutely sure that there are no small donations, and every donation is important. Only together we will solve it!

So let’s help these gorgeous animals to live the normal happy life that they deserve! Because they already have suffered from this cruel war a lot.

Please, guys, join the fundraising and donate:

via PayPal using this email:

100% will go to the stable “Водограй”. The fundraising is open till the end of May 2023.

Thank you so much for your support! 🙏 Дуже дякую, друзі!

Below there are some pictures from the stable "Водограй":

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