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Ukraine's victories at the Eurovision

Millions of people around the world adore Eurovision. Ukrainians are no exception. Do you know why?

Because Ukraine won this song contest three times and took 2nd place two more times! People often watch Eurovision, vote for contestants and cheer for their representatives. So this show occupies a special place in the hearts of Ukrainians!

2004 -Ruslana

The first time, in 2004, the singer Ruslana won with the song "Wild Dances". This song became extremely popular. "Wild Dances" is an energetic and rhythmic song with elements of Ukrainian folk music, modern pop and electronic music. It shows the cheerfulness, strength and emotionality of the Ukrainian people. The lyrics of the song "Wild Dances" include both Ukrainian and English lines, creating a mixture of both languages. The music of the song "Wild Dances" includes traditional Ukrainian instruments such as trembita (Ukrainian trumpet), drums and violin, as well as elements of modern electronic sounds.

2016 - Jamala

The second time, in 2016, Jamala won with the song "1944". This is a song about the tragic events that happened during the Second World War, when many Crimean Tatars were deported from their native land and sent to Central Asia by the Stalinist regime. This song tells about the pain, suffering and loss experienced by people who were forcibly evicted from their homes. Jamala conveys the feelings of disappointment, pain and hope well in her song. The song "1944" differs from the usual songs that are usually presented at Eurovision, because it tells about important historical events and their impact on people's lives. This is not just a song, but a memorable work of art, which has become a symbol of struggle, an expression of hope and perseverance. During the war that began in 2022, this song took on new meanings as history repeated itself.

2022 - Kalush

On May 14, 2022, Ukraine won the Eurovision Song Contest for the third time with the song "Stefania" by the group "Kalush". This song was written by the soloist of the group, Oleg Psyuk, which he dedicated to his mother Stefania. It was a gift from the son to the closest person, and later she was chosen for the Eurovision Song Contest. After February 24, 2022, the song took on a new meaning. It contains the line "I will always come to you through broken roads", which seems to say that regardless of obstacles, a person will find a way to his home, to his Motherland.

Mother Stefania can also be called a prototype of all Ukrainian women, who in the conditions of war remain strong and indomitable, protecting their native country, children and the future.

At the end of his Eurovision performance, Oleg Psyuk had the courage to say "Help Ukraine, Mariupol, Azovstal!"

This year, Eurovision was supposed to be held in Ukraine, but it is impossible because of the war, so UK agreed to host the contest in Liverpool. The music show was opened by the singer Yuliya Sanina, the front-woman of the group "The HARDKISS" with the song "Lighthouses". Yulia also acts as a co-host of the show (by the way, pay attention to what a cool pronunciation Yulia has in English! In general, The HARDKISS group has many songs in English).

Also, Ukraine twice took 2nd place in Eurovision:

2007 - Verka Serdyuchka

Verka Serdyuchka performed the song "Dancing Lasha Tumbai". The music and the rhythm of the song caused a desire to dance and lifted the spirits of all present. Her performance was full of energy, lively dances and unforgettable poses. In addition, during the performance, various phrases were used that became famous all over the world, such as "Lasha Tumbai", "I want to see you, Ukraine" and "Voter, voter!" There is nothing to say here, better watch the video to get a charge of positivity!

2008 - Ani Lorak

"Shady Lady" is a popular dance-pop track performed by Ani Lorak, who represented Ukraine at the Eurovision Song Contest in 2008. "Shady Lady" is known for its upbeat tempo, memorable melody and energetic performance by Ani Lorak. The lyrics convey a sense of mystery and intrigue surrounding the woman dubbed the "Shadow Lady." Ani Lorak's powerful vocals and dynamic stage presence captivated the audience during her Eurovision performance.

The attitude of Ukrainians to Ani Lorak is currently extremely negative, because the singer has always focused on the Russian audience, and during the war she even refuses to call the war "a war", and tries to "sit on two chairs", that is, to appear being close for both Ukraine and Russia. For which she was harshly criticized by society.

2023 - Who represents Ukraine this year?

In 2023, Ukraine will be represented at Eurovision by the group "TVORCHI" with the song "Heart of steel".

The band is known for its energetic and emotional compositions, which combine various styles of music, including rock, pop and alternative. "Heart of Steel" is no exception and reflects the same strength and expressiveness of the band. The song has a powerful and fiery sound, and evokes a feeling of inner strength and dedication, inspiring listeners to be brave and move forward regardless of the circumstances.

So, we believe that Eurovision is more than a song contest. It is also about unity, strength of spirit, power of song. Ukraine has repeatedly proven that it has many talented people and that it deserves to win. And not only for the victory in Eurovision! 😉

It will always be like that in everything!

Are you watching Eurovision? Write your thoughts in the comments!

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This year's could have ended up even higher than it did. I really liked it. Seems Ukraine really has knack for hammering out good songs - unlike my own country, but that's a different story :-)

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