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Ukrainian Cases. Part 1

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The course is designed for beginners who can already read in Ukrainian and know some basic vocabulary. It will work for you if you learn Ukrainian at Duolingo or some other apps. After the course, you will be able to speak about your location, describe your direction, talk about transport, places in the city, time and months, musical instruments, and some other important topics. This course will teach such grammar topics as Locative, Accusative, and Instrumental cases. We will also work with basic Ukrainian verbs of motion and verbs of position, and of course, we will learn a lot of vocabulary: places in the city, transport, countries & cities, sights, languages, furniture, Internet, hobbies, food, months and time. The course has short and very informative video lessons with grammar explanations, quizzes after each video lesson, PDF files with tasks to train vocabulary and grammar, and a group with a teacher to discuss all your questions.

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